At Evita Se Perron, we have two fabulous dining experiences!

Darling Sweet

Gift Hamper B

This lovely gift hamper box, featuring artwork by artist Nicolaas Maritz, contains the following products:

1 x Darling Sweet Fleur de Sel (200g).
1 x Darling Sweet Toffee Spread (200g) of your choice.
2 x Darling Sweet Toffee and/or Soft Caramels boxes (150g) of your choice.
4 x Darling Sweet Turndown Toffees (complimentary).

The 200g toffee spreads come in the following flavours: Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee Spread | Bird's Eye Chili Toffee Spread | Honey & Salt Toffee Spread

The 150g Toffee boxes come in the following flavours: Chocolate Toffee | Ginger Snap Toffee | Bird's Eye Chili Toffee | Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee | Honey & Salt Toffee | Liquorice Toffee | Orange & Cranberry Toffee | Mint Toffee | Coffee Toffee | Rooibos Chai Toffee

The 150g Soft Caramels boxes come in the following flavours: Salted Soft Caramels | Chocolate & Orange Soft Caramels | Summer Berry Soft Caramels | Salted Liquorice Soft Caramels | Ginger & Cardamom Soft Caramels | Mocha Java Soft Caramels | Mint Soft Caramels





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