The Perron offers a quirky, relaxing atmosphere where you and your guests can enjoy great traditional cooking, while being captivated by the fascinating relics from South Africa´s rich and diverse history. Evita se Perron offers a full à la carte menu, and the licenced Bambi’s Berlin Bar showcases some of the finest local Darling beers and wines

Restaurant Menu

Breakfast (until 12h00)

Scrambled free range eggs & tamatie smoor on toasted Rosemead sourdough    R60

Add:  Darling boerewors  +R 20  |  Darling pork sausage  +R20  |  Bacon  +R15  |  Cheese (Cheddar)  +R15

French toast    R55

Add:  Bacon  +R15

Swartland Kitchen Granola, Darling full cream yogurt & stewed berries    R55

Rosemead sourdough bread, home-made jam, cheddar cheese and butter    R45

Lunch (from 12h00 till 16h00)

Grilled pap (Polenta) & rosemary with:

Darling boerewors and tamatie smoor    R65

Darling pork sausage and tamatie smoor    R65

Darling dry cured ham (Pancetta) and rocket    R60

Fresh chilli & rocket    R55

Marinated Darling black olives and green salad    R60

Darling pork sausage & potato salad    R65

Darling smoked chicken & avo salad with dried cranberries    R70

Beetroot, orange & feta salad    R65

Open Sandwiches

Darling smoked chicken & avo    R70

Ham, cheese & tomato    R50


Boerewors roll    R50


Carrot cake    R50

Koeksisters    R6 each

Peppermint crisp tart    R40

Darling Sweet Toffee Shake  or  Vanilla Milkshake    R40

Swartland Kitchen rusks    R5 each